Inflammatory bowel disease information system

copyright Hartmannspital Wien Great success for UNIDATA and IBDIS software

Hartmannspital in Vienna, Austria decided to use IBDIS software for documentation and monitoring of IBD patients. The new established IBD centre is led by Dr. Wolfgang Tillinger, who joined the team of the physicians at the Hartmannspital in late 2008.

Dr.Tillinger chose IBDIS category II, a derivate of IBDIS standard software linked and integrated into the clinic patient information system. copyright IBDIS Group Austria, 2009

Nikolaus Pedarnig, CEO of Unidata, the manufacturer of IBDIS, "This is another step for IBDIS and the GI community in europe to documenting IBD patients with standardized, harmonized and validated software. Meanwhile IBDIS is used in more than 32 countries all over the world and the usage is increasing very fast."

If you want to use IBDIS at your clincial centre, please contact us:
(np,2009, ed)

10.01.2009 IBDIS validation project
Period of data capturing of 15 patient has expired.   more...
4.11.2008 New Clinical trial is now open for recruitment.   more...

  • Neue Broschüre "Colitis ulcerosa - Informationen für Patienten"
  • Award Austrian Selfhelpgroup OEMCCV for Dr. Sieglinde Angelberger
  • Presentation of the IBD-Check online application (with video from Press conference)
  • ECCO Grant 2008 for IBDIS: One of the ECCO grants 2008 was awarded to UNIDATA/IBDIS 
  • CEDCheck/IBDCheck Online. Usage increasing.

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