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Inflammatory Bowel Disease Information systems Electronic case report forms Statistics and Reporting
Electronic documentation for more than 20 years
Documentation of IBD-Patients uses scientific standards and state of the art techniques
Online Electronic Case Report Forms available for different topics and themes
Our customers in many countries use IBDIS for documentation. Discover the world of IBDIS now
Scientific publications about IBD related topics with connections to IBDIS
Inflammatory bowel disease in the elderly: A focus on disease characteristics and treatment patterns Jan 2023 Mahmoud H Mosli, Maha K Alghamdi, Omar A Bokhary, Maria A Alzahrani, Siba Z Takieddin, Tala A Galai, Majid A Alsahafi, Omar I Saadah
Prevalence and predictors of stoma formation and restoration of intestinal continuity in patients with Crohn’s disease in a tertiary referral hospital: A retrospective explorative study Jan 2022 C Primas, T Waldhör, K Kozbial, C Dawoud, S Riss, W Reinisch, M Niapri, M Kutschera, L Kazemi-Shirazi, S Reinisch, S Dabsch, N Pedarnig, H Angermann, G Novacek
Clinical characteristics, natural history, and outcomes of Crohn's-related intra-abdominal collections Mar 2021 Othman Alharbi, Nahla Azzam, MajidA Almadi, AbdulrahmanM Aljebreen, Turki AlAmeel
Histologically confirmed upper gastrointestinal Crohn’s disease: is it rare or are we just not searching hard enough? Feb 2020 Omar Ibrahim Saadah, Kholoud Bakur Fallatah, Cedric Baumann, Abdulrahman Ahmed Elbaradie, Fatimah Talat Howladar, Motaz Tariq Daiwali, Omar Hamad Alshuaibi, Majid Abdulaziz Alsahafi, Rana Yaqoob Bokhary, Yousef Abdulfattah Qari, Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet, Mahmoud Hisham Mosli
Risk factors for first intestinal surgery in Crohn's disease Jan 2019 G Novacek, W Reinisch, S Reinisch, C Primas, W Eigner, H Vogelsang, C Dejaco, L Kazemi-Shirazi, M Niapir, P Mekhail, N Pedarnig, H Angermann, T Waldhör
Long-term outcome of perianal fistulae treated with anti-TNFα therapy in a cohort of Saudi patients with Crohn’s disease based on Parks classification> Jan 2018 N Azzam, O Alharbi, A Aljebreen, A Mohammed, S Bahammam, A Bashmail, Y Alomar, M Mosli, M Almadi
Clinical epidemiology of ulcerative colitis in Arabs based on the Montréal classification Dec 2014 Othman R Alharbi, Nahla A Azzam, Ahmed S Almalki, Majid A Almadi, Khalid A Alswat, Nazia Sadaf, Abdulrahman M Aljebreen
Clinical epidemiology and phenotypic characteristics of Crohn's disease in the central region of Saudi Arabia Jun 2014 Abdulrahman M Aljebreen, Othman R Alharbi, Nahla A Azzam, Ahmed S Almalki, Khalid A Alswat, Majid A Almadin
Are Inherited Thrombotic Risk Factors Associated with Fibrostenosis in Crohn’s Disease? Dec 2011 Gottfried Novacek, Pavol Papay, Wolfgang Miehsler, Walter Reinisch, Cornelia Lichtenberger, Raute Sunder-Plassmann, Harald Vogelsang, Cornelia Gratzer, Christine Mannhalter
Underreporting of strictures in the Montreal classification May 2010 P Papay, W Reinisch, C Gratzer, W Miehsler, C Dejaco, H Vogelsang, G Novacek
A systematic survey evaluating 6-thioguanine-related hepatotoxicity in patients with inflammatory bowel disease Sep 2007 Alexander Teml, Matthias Schwab, Daan W Hommes, Sven Almer, Milan Lukas, Thomas Feichtenschlager, Timothy Florin, Julia Seiderer, Wolfgang Petritsch, Bernd Bokemeyer, Wolfgang Kreisel, Klaus R Herrlinger, Peter Knoflach, Bruno Bonaz, Thomas Klugmann, Hans Herfarth, Nikolaus Pedarnig, Walter Reinisch
European-wide Validation of the Web-based Documentation Standard IBDIS by Inter-observer Analysis May 2007 Nikolaus Pedarnig, Walter Reinisch, Otto Eckmüllner
Interobserver agreement analysis of a National Inflammatory Bowel Disease Information System (IBDIS) Apr 2003 Otto Eckmüllner +, Anna Oefferlbauer, Wolfgang Miehsler, A Gangl, Harald Vogelsang
IBDIS - Ein Dokumentationsprojekt stellt sich vor Feb 2003 Öfferlbauer-Ernst A, Miehsler W, Reinisch W, Vogelsang H
Scientific publications coauthored by UNIDATA GEODESIGN GMBH
Real-world Data From the Swiss Lenalidomide inMDS del(5q) (SLIM)—Registry Identify New Chances and Challenges in Lenalidomide Treatment of Patients With MDS del(5q) Jun 2022 Axel Rüfer, Hubert Angermann, Rudolf Benz, Nicolas Bonadies, Antonello Calderoni, Nathan Cantoni, Anna Efthymiou, Robert Escher, Geneviève Favre, Dorothea Friess, Andreas Gschwend, Andreas Himmelmann, Andreas Holbro, Peter Keller, Eirini Kouroupi, Thomas Lehmann, Nikolaus Pedarnig, Véronique Rigamonti, Kaveh Samii, Adrian Schmidt, Hans-Peter Schäfer, Roland Sperb, Georg Stüssi, Annette Winkler, Reinhard Zenhäusern, Jeroen S. Goede
Peripheral Blood Complete Remission Provides Added Value to the Classical Definition of Morphologic Complete Remission - a Prospective Cohort Study of 1441 Patients with MDS, CMML and AML Treated within the Austrian Azacitidine Registry Nov 2021 Lisa Pleyer, Michael Pfeilstocker, Reinhard Stauder, Sonja Heibl, Heinz Sill, Michael Girschikofsky, Margarete Stampfl-Mattesberger, Christoph Tinchon, Bernd Hartmann, Andreas Petzer, Branka Petricevic, Clemens A. Schmitt, Sonja Vallet, Klaus Geissler, Wolfgang R. Sperr, Michael Leisch, Alexander Egle, Thomas Melchardt, Gudrun Piringer, Armin Zebisch, Sigrid Machherndl-Spandl, Dominik Wolf, Felix Keil, Hubert Angermann, Manuel Drost, Julian Larcher-Senn, Richard Greil
Azacitidine in patients with WHO-defined AML - results of 155 patients from the Austrian Azacitidine Registry of the AGMT-Study Group Apr 2013 Lisa Pleyer, Reinhard Stauder, Sonja Burgstaller, Martin Schreder, Christoph Tinchon, Michael Pfeilstocker, Susanne Steinkirchner, Thomas Melchardt, Martina Mitrovic, Michael Girschikofsky, Alois Lang, Peter Krippl, Thamer Sliwa, Alexander Egle, Werner Linkesch, Daniela Voskova, Hubert Angermann, Richard Greil
Scientific publications in collaboration with UNIDATA GEODESIGN GMBH
Azacitidine frontline therapy for unfit acute myeloid leukemia patients: clinical use and outcome prediction Dec 2014 Ramos F, Thépot S, Pleyer L, Maurillo L, Itzykson R, Bargay J, Stauder R, Venditti A, Seegers V, Martínez-Robles V, Burgstaller S, Récher C, Debén G, Gaidano G, Gardin C, Musto P, Greil R, Sánchez-Guijo F, Fenaux P; European ALMA Investigators.
ECRFs for IBD & other diseases
Switzerland: Swiss Lenalidomide In MDS del(5q) - Registry (SLIM - Registry) Lenalidomide for patients with MDS del (5q) in daily practice in Switzerland - a data collection
EGYPT: ESIBD - The Egyptian Society of Inflammatory Bowel Disease 13 Sites with more than 1.020 patients since August 2020. (last update 01082023)
AUSTRIA: General Hospital Vienna (Medical University of Vienna) using IBDIS now for more than 14 years. Integration to internal patient documentation system, fully compatible, stable. 100s of users, 1.000s of patients.
SAUDI ARABIA: TOP INTERNATIONAL IBDIS PARTNER More than 2.280 patients with ulcerative colitis or crohns disease documented in 7 clinical sites (Dec 2020). (last update 07032022)
Mission statement from our founders
It is all about our patients. The founders of IBDIS, Univ. Prof. Dr. Walter REINISCH from the Medical University of Vienna, Austria and Nikolaus Felix Pedarnig bakk.techn, owner and CEO from the IT-based company UNIDATA GEODESIGN GMBH, Vienna are now working for more than 25 years in the field of electronic-driven documentation of IBD-patients. They both are experts in responsible and secure data aquisition and data management as well as acurate data analysis and biostatistics. Dealing with Electronic case report forms, also for oncology or hematology, is now one of the major business areas of UNIDATA. Beyond technical issues it is the patient, who is in the focus of documentation. We are proud to be a part of this development and approach.
Prof. Walter Reinisch Medical University of Vienna Div. Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Nikolaus Felix Pedarnig bakk.techn CEO UNIDATA Chair Darmplus
"Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) subsumes heterogeneous conditions specified by demographic, clinical and phenotypic characteristics. With the IBD Information system (IBDIS) we are providing a validated electronic data capturing tool that enables the documentation of the most relevant disease characteristics of IBD patients in an easy, reproducible and standarized way. IBDIS offers the implementation of a common language of IBD across the globe."
"We look for supporting the health care of patients who are suffering and confrontated with an Inflammatory Bowel Disease, so called IBD. In the late 90ies, the electronic documentation of diseases was a huge challenge for technicians to acchieve the different demands of healthcare, science and data privacy. Nowadays, patients benefit of provided information between their health care professionals."
Partners and clients
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The IBIDS Founders are both Members of the board of Darm Plus CED initiative for austria.
Our new client: The Egyptian Society of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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